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05 Oct 2016
26 Jan 2015

News – Chris Jarrett and Luca Ciarla in tour in Australia, Indonesia and Singapore

Internationally acclaimed composer and pianist Chris Jarrett and worldwide busy improviser and magician of the violin Luca Ciarla will be touring in Australia, Indonesia and Singapore from February 14 to March 8. The musicians will play in Perth, Merredin, Melbourne, Albury-Wodonga, Queanbeyan (Canberra), Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane, Adelaide, Jakarta and Singapore. One of the most unique and spectacular duos today, Chris Jarrett and Luca Ciarla stroll comfortably through contemporary, jazz and folk idioms. Their original music is the common ground where the traditional violin/piano setting […]

25 Nov 2014

Newsletter 37

Newsletter 37 The long awaited new album by the Luca Ciarla Quartet will be finally out in November! Mostly recorded in Thailand during their last tour in Asia, ViolinAir features Vince Abbracciante on accordion and piano, Nicola Di Camillo on bass and double bass, Francesco Savoretti on drums/percussions and Luca Ciarla on violin, electronics, vocals, ocarina, baritone violin and toy instruments. Listen on Radio Violipiano to the opening tune Re Mi-Lo Sol.  Proudly introducing a new Violipiano artist. Born in Allentown, Pennsylvania (Usa) and raised in […]

10 Jul 2014