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Luca Ciarla + Enrico Zanisi

Luca Ciarla + Enrico Zanisi

LUCA CIARLA violin, electronics, toy instruments

ENRICO ZANISI piano, electronics

Violin, piano, electronics and toy instruments = Luca Ciarla + Enrico Zanisi. The encounter between one of the most creative violinists around and the new Italian jazz piano star promises to deliver deep emotions. With a program centered on original compositions of rare beauty and unpredictable fully improvised creations, Luca Ciarla and Enrico Zanisi take the violin & piano duo towards a new sound dimension; on a rope, hovering among contemporary music, jazz and electronics.




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...one of the most interesting violinists nowadays on the international scene, capable of browsing around different sounds and genres without ever losing his unmistakable style. la Repubblica (Italy)

…[Enrico Zanisi] his modern original pieces, in which blues, bepop, swing and classical music coexist, are thoroughly complete compositions. Down Beat (Usa)